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eMountain bikers can look forward to varied trails against an impressive scenic backdrop, as they compete in Bosch eTrail, eMTB race.

BOSCH eTRAIL går av stabelen lørdag 6. juli. Start vil være utenfor Anton Sport i sentrum, og dere starter når dere vil mellom klokken 10:00-11:00. Registrering åpner klokken 09:00 utenfor Anton Sport. 

Selve løypa kan sykles sammen med familie og venner, mens etappene underveis sykles

individuelt med ca. 30 sekunders start-intervall. Rittet er et eBike-ritt. Skistar, Fýri, Skarsnuten og M.O.H. har alle el-sykler til utleie i helgen. 

EXPLORER-klassen vil ha 5 eller 6 etapper, mens SPORT-klassen vil ha 8 eller 9 etapper, disse ekstra etappene vil ha en litt høyere vanskelighetsgrad enn de 5/6 som kjøres også av explorer-klassen. Dere melder selv fra hvilken klasse dere vil være med i når dere får startnummer.


Underveis i rittet vil det være lunsj på Skigaarden, løypa går forbi og det er et deilig avbrekk i rittet. Det vil være obligatorisk pause på omtrent 1 time for at vi skal få flyttet rundt på tidtakingsutstyr i forbindelse med etappene. Om været spiller på lag, serveres det hamburger fra grillen og om det regner blir det servert pizza inne i Dagligstugu. Lunsj med drikke koster 150 kroner pr. pers. 

Målgang på Bosch eTrail blir ved Rambler på Fýri. Her vil det etter hvert bli premieutdeling og after bike utover kvelden. 

Nedre aldersgrense er 14 år. 


Har du enda ikke meldt deg på? Meld deg på her.

Bosch eTrail


Join us for an exhilarating trail ride that spans approximately 35 kilometers and boasts an impressive 1000 meters of elevation gain. This trail is designed to challenge and excite, offering a comprehensive test of your mountain biking prowess.

Diverse Terrain: The trail features a mix of varied terrains that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. You'll navigate through rocky paths, forested sections, and open mountain views, ensuring a constantly changing landscape that adds to the excitement.

Technical Descents: Prepare yourself for some technically demanding descents that will push your skills to the limit. These sections require precision and control, offering a thrilling ride for those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of downhill biking.

Challenging Climbs: The elevation gain of 1000 meters includes several challenging climbs that will test your endurance and strength. These uphill sections are not only physically demanding but also immensely rewarding, providing stunning panoramic views as you ascend.

Skill Development: This trail is an excellent opportunity to hone various biking skills. From technical handling and balance during descents to stamina and power during climbs, you'll find ample opportunities to improve and challenge yourself.

Navigation and Strategy: With the diverse terrain and elevation changes, effective navigation and strategy are crucial. You'll need to plan your route, manage your energy, and make real-time decisions to tackle the trail efficiently.

Battery Management: For e-bike enthusiasts, this trail offers a unique challenge in battery management. The combination of climbs and descents will test your ability to conserve and utilize battery power effectively, adding an extra layer of strategy to your ride.

Scenic Beauty: Beyond the physical challenges, the trail offers breathtaking scenery that makes the effort worthwhile. Enjoy the natural beauty of Hemsedal as you ride through picturesque landscapes, with each turn revealing a new and stunning vista.

Comprehensive Challenge: This trail is designed to be a comprehensive test of your mountain biking capabilities. It demands a balance of technical skill, physical endurance, strategic navigation, and effective battery management. Whether you’re a seasoned biker looking for a new challenge or an avid enthusiast eager to push your limits, this trail promises an unforgettable adventure.

Gear up for a trail that offers not just a ride, but an experience. With its combination of demanding terrain, scenic beauty, and diverse challenges, this 35-kilometer adventure is sure to leave you exhilarated and inspired. Are you ready to conquer the trail?



We offer two distinct classes for participants, ensuring that everyone, from casual riders to seasoned mountain bikers, can find the perfect trail adventure.

Explorer Class:

  • Description: The Explorer class features a less technically demanding trail that is accessible to most riders. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy mountain biking without facing extreme challenges.

  • Suitable For: This class is ideal for recreational cyclists, families, and those who prefer a more relaxed ride.

  • Bike Requirements: Suitabel for eBike

  • Trail Experience: Enjoy a scenic and enjoyable ride that focuses on the beauty of the surroundings rather than technical difficulty. The trail is designed to be enjoyable and manageable, providing a great way to explore the area without the need for advanced skills.

Sport Class:

  • Description: The Sport class is tailored for experienced mountain bikers who crave challenging technical sections and longer routes. This trail will push your limits and test your biking prowess.

  • Suitable For: This class is designed for seasoned riders who are looking for a demanding adventure. It requires a higher level of skill and physical fitness.

  • Bike Requirements: Suitabel for eBike

  • Trail Experience: Encounter technical descents, steep climbs, and a variety of challenging terrains. This trail demands strategic navigation, precise handling, and endurance. For e-bike riders, the additional challenge of managing battery life adds an exciting strategic element to the ride.


For both classes, it is important to conserve the battery where possible, as the route does not allow for a pre-ride inspection.

Join us for a unique eMTB experience and challenge yourself in our beautiful terrain!

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